Jones College Technology Services



Online gaming access will be allowed only on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) during the hours of 8am – 5pm. The Information Technology cannot be responsible if your games do not work at maximum capability at anytime.

School Equipment

Any school network equipment that is in any room is the responsibility of the room’s occupants. If equipment is misused or damage it will be the occupant’s responsibility to pay the full retail price of that equipment. All equipment will be examined during building inspections at the beginning and end of each school year. If you notice any equipment that has been damaged, contact the IT department immediately (contact information below).

Network Services

VPN, P2P, Servers, IP Spoofing are not allowed on campus. Anyone found using any of these services while on campus will be subject to the loss of network privileges on personal devices, in dorms and campus settings.

Expected Behavior

Those who use the College’s computing and network resources assume personal responsibility for the appropriate use of the technology in a manner consistent with mature behavior and agree to comply with the College’s Electronic Use Policy, as well as federal and state law. This includes the use of campus personal computers and terminals, departmental computing facilities, general-use computers, printers, and campus network resources. Improper use of college computing and network resources will result in disciplinary action.