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Logging Into Your Accounts

Scroll down to view instructions for logging into your various applcations.

If you still need assistance logging in you can call our office 8am - 4 pm Mon-Fri.

Contact Helpdesk


From the MyJones Portal, you will click on the Canvas icon.  This should let you straight into Canvas.  If you are unable to access it this way you can click the link below.  At the sign in page, you will enter your full JCJC email address and your CANVAS PASSWORD.
Canvas password format is  jcjc#### .( jc plus the  last 4 of your social).
We have also included a link to a Canvas instructional video.


Your G-Mail account can now be accessed from within or outside of the new MyJones Portal.  From within MyJones, just click the link and go straight into your school e-mail.  To access from outside the portal, simply click the link below and enter your email and password. *Make sure you are using "@jcjc,edu" on your email address or it wont work!

Office 365

As a currently enrolled student, you now have access to Microsoft Office 365 for free  Your office 365 applications will show up on your main MyJones page.

Roku / Philo

Click the icon below for full instructions on setting up and acessing your Philo account.